About Us

      Another division of Roe-Aire is the auto department, which caters for the automotive and transport sector. Roe-Aire provides servicing and repairs to fridge pans, trucks, buses and the train.

      Roe-Aire recommends regular servicing of all automotive air conditioning systems. We specialise in servicing automotive air conditioning systems for cars, trucks, buses and caravans.

      Our team are experts at leak detection and can troubleshoot any under-performing air conditioner. We can check refrigerant levels, re-gas the unit, replace faulty compressors and check electrical connections that could be affecting your air conditioner's output.

      Issues that can impact on your unit's performance include faulty switches or fuses, broken wires, faulty compressor seals or a broken fan belt.

      So before you head out on your next long trip contact us for a detailed service and check up of your car, van or truck's air conditioning units. Most car manufacturers recommend air conditioning units be serviced every two years to ensure optimum efficiency.


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